Conservative Michael Bluemling Jr. For U.S. Congress

Conservative Michael Bluemling Jr. For U.S. Congress

Conservative Michael Bluemling Jr. For U.S. CongressConservative Michael Bluemling Jr. For U.S. CongressConservative Michael Bluemling Jr. For U.S. Congress

Meet Michael


Michael Bluemling Jr. is a Patriot, a Veteran, an Advocate, an Author and now, a Candidate for Congress in Florida's 21st Congressional District. Having served our great country in the United States Army, as a Sergeant during the Kosovo campaign, and America’s war on terrorism, Michael chose to serve those who fought for America when he became a civilian again. Discharged with honor, Michael worked for the Department of Labor and Department of Veteran Affairs, as a fierce advocate for our veterans and their families, fighting for their present and future.  

In 2013, Michael founded Power of One, a veteran-owned coaching service to help veterans and people in transition. Power of One was highlighted in the U.S. Veterans Magazine November 2013 issue, as well as in DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Magazine in the July/August issue. Michael also worked for the State of Virginia, leading the Virginia Values Veterans Program, which helped to create over 30,000 jobs for veterans inline with the governor’s initiative. Most recently, Michael was the Vice Chair of Mission United, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The Issues


Education / School Reform

Our current education system is a business in search of profits. The cost of a 4-year, public-university degree has skyrocketed in 30 years by 213%, faster than any other sector of our economy. This often leaves students straddled with high debt, low paying jobs and few prospects, with many having to move back home to survive.

Not everyone needs to go to college, depending on one’s goals and resources. Students need options that will serve them, so they can compete and contribute to society as small and large business owners and employees: charter schools, 2-year programs, technical and vocational schools, and apprenticeships. Michael believes in empowering our young scholars and youth with options for the best choices that support their goals and dreams.

Together we can make America’s education system great again. 


Ending Human Trafficking in America

Slavery has been around since the dawn of humankind. The exploitation of another person’s freedom and rights for pleasure or convenience is the cruelest of crimes. God created men and women with inalienable rights, which include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our Founding Fathers had a providential epiphany that has been the bedrock of our great nation.

As a soldier in the army, I fought on foreign soil to protect American’s freedom; as Florida’s Congressman, I will fight just as hard to eradicate this multi-billion-dollar criminal industry. 


Immigration Reform


Today, immigration is such a convoluted issue, because it is often seen through emotional, agenda-biased glasses. People either want to get into America for the opportunities available, bring in loved ones to join them, or for the protections it offers. In the process, what has become a crisis at our southern border also is slowly erasing the very protections many seek because they’ve helped create an infrastructure ripe for nefarious use (e.g. terrorists and criminals entering our country).

However, if people removed their emotional glasses and looked at some facts, they would see common sense behind the policies and security needed for any country to survive and prosper.

Merit-based immigration used to be a global policy in the 19th and early 20th centuries, with few exceptions. Countries understood that, like a home, they needed to know who wanted entry and why, and if allowed, that they would not become a burden. The government’s job was to protect its citizens, first and foremost. If someone wanted access, they needed to bring something to the table: a skill, education, the ability to provide for himself or herself and be able to communicate and assimilate. To be granted access was not a right of anyone, except a citizen; it’s a privilege granted carefully.

Canada, New Zealand and Australia still have this system in place. The countries that have moved away from it, well, we see the issues of sovereignty they suffer today, and America is on that slippery slope today. We need to return to the merit-based system. 


National Defense & Veterans Rights

We live in a volatile world. Terrorism being supported by nation states, democracies becoming socialist nations, aggression from North Korea, our staunchest ally, Israel, being attacked politically and militarily. America must have a strong military ready to defend our freedom and to come to the aid of our allies. Nothing ensures peace like absolute strength.

President Trump has done a marvelous job of upgrading and strengthening our military. 

Michael believes our freedom is only as strong as our ability to defend it and will support our president in giving our military men and women what they need to do the job right. 

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